Topic Group Participants Wanted

A key element of this forum, is to assemble ‘Topic Groups’ or ‘Forum Sub-Groups’ either for a one-off discussion about a particular topic, or to meet regularly to discuss particular issues affecting a particular industry for example.

So to kick us off, i’m looking for participants for 2 separate groups.

One-Off Discussion : the ‘Brexit’.
I’m looking for participants to attend a one off discussion to broadly discuss the ‘Brexit’ and whether it would be a positive or cause for concern for the work that HR practitioners do. This is likely to be in the context of our employers or customers than as HR professionals personally. This group would meet in the evening, midweek, on one occasion.

Sub-Group : Health & Social Care Sub-Group
I’m looking for HR professionals from the Health & Social Care industry who would be interested in meeting monthly (during working hours) to discuss the challenges we face in this industry and to share knowledge and ideas.

if anyone is interested in joining either group, please drop me an email at confirming which group you are interested in joining, by close of play Sunday 20th March 2016

To others who find neither group of interest, don’t worry – there’ll be lots of other groups in the future.

Thanks / Diolch

Mark Hendy

Chair & Founder