The Importance Of People Management At A Strategic Level

Join us at the incredible home of Brains Brewery in Cardiff for an evening discussing The Importance of People Management At A Strategic Level. Leading the discussion will be Orla Power, Talent Solutions Specialist at LHH Penna. An overview of what Orla will be discussing is as follows;-

“As the economic environment continues to change at a rapid pace there are a number of shifts that drive business transformation and therefore workforce transformation; Orla will share observations on what LHH Penna sees as latest talent development trends.

LHH Penna gathers constant feedback on leadership capability across sectors and organisations. With 72% of the HR community we surveyed seeing Leadership Accountability as a critical business issue in their organisation, Orla will focus on how to engage leaders in this key element of their role. This will be a chance for you to share your experiences and challenges in this area, as well as hearing about some of our research and thought leadership on the topic and some practical tools you can use back in your business.”

We are also delighted to be supported at our event by Visual Practitioner, Eleanor Beer who will be giving attendees a brief introduction of visual note taking before capturing the discussion for all to see.

We look forward to you seeing you there.

june event