My Workforce Is Engaged – So What?

On Wednesday 10th April 2019, at the Village Hotel in Cardiff, the HR and business community from across South Wales met to discuss Employee Engagement by posing the question ‘My Workforce Is Engaged – So What?’ in an event sponsored by Paul Harris and LHH Penna.

Mark Hendy, Chair of the South Wales HR Forum opened proceedings by explaining that Employee Engagement has been a hot topic in recent years and now businesses are rightly asking – whats next? A leadership IQ survey (a Mark Murphy Company’ of 3,000 HR executives took a quiz on “How good is your employee engagement survey?” and worryingly only 22% of Companies are getting good results. The prevailing view is that most companies have the mistaken belief that the purpose of an employee engagement survey is to measure employee engagement. It’s not just that. It’s to measure engagement, create plans and implement them to improve on engagement levels.

Coastal Housing recently won the Silver Award at the CIPD Wales Awards in the category of Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative and we were delighted to be joined by Executive Director of HR & Corporate Services, Caroline Belasco who engaged the audience with an overview of Coastal’s programme through a presentation entitled “Embedding a Successful Wellbeing Strategy on What Matters”. This was a fascinating insight into Coastal truly putting people at the heart of their strategy and ensuring that the employees of Coastal absolutely knew that they mattered, and that several improvement programmes were introduced to reinforce that belief.

Next we were joined by Bestselling author and Director of Employee Wellbeing at Benefex, Gethin Nadin who gave great talk entitled ‘The Future is an audience of One: Designing Great Employee Experiences” which gave a detailed overview of the concept of an ‘Employee Experience Equation’, using systems and design thinking but placing the employee at the heart of the process, and understanding Employee Experience Loops to truly understand the levers that affect how employees feel.

Following both talks a Q&A was conducted with questions from the audience which focused on such areas as organisational structures, trust and embracing technology to name but a few. Unfortunately our Q&A was cut short by an unfortunate fire alarm but fortunately there was no fire, and our discussions continued in earnest in the car park!

A fascinating evening was had by all, with great insights, informative debate and superb participation, as always.